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School of movement

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This free movement school has various sections like mobility, handstand, softacro, etc. - that will be developed over time. It's designed to have more order than SoMe Channels and serves as a library for exercises, assessments, and training tasks. For a more guided approach, online feedback, clear instructions on what to train when and more see our online programs for purchase. By joining you are agreeing to receive emails from us. Disclaimer The content of these programs is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any application of the exercises or techniques shown is at your own risk. Please keep in mind that the individuals performing the exercises are highly trained professionals. Additionally, as these videos are created for a wide audience, they are based solely on our experiences, and we have no means of assessing the physical conditions of viewers. Therefore, the responsibility must be borne by the participant. It is recommended to undergo thorough medical screening, always pay attention to one's current physical condition, and opt for the safer solution when in doubt, even if it means refraining from training. Furthermore, we teach many movements with acrobatic characteristics, where injuries can only be reduced in probability through sensible methodology but cannot be completely avoided.

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